Tour Divide I



Tour Divide preparations are over. Can’t say as it was a breeze but i’m ready. Thing were comlicated a bit by the fact that I had resolved to build my own bike this year, as in my own systems and shop. Decided I wanted something drop bar cross/road geometry inspired for aerodynamic and body positioning reasons. I also wanted some serious comfort which comes in the form of 3 inch tires.

The 29+ Bike-gasm was born. Lugged steel, custom single speed tensioner, thru axles front and rear, custom 2 peice bar/stem/steerer/fork that clamps underneath the fork as opposed to on the stem. Made a couple forks as waiting on the plates for the twin-plate crown was killing me. The twin plate turned out cool. Old school steeze with the thru axle. Gangster?

Will be running a true single speed this year. No dingles or 2 speeds. Headed out to tour to the starting line in a few hours. Check my spot.

The luggage comes from Dave Wilson of Nuclear Sunrise Stitchworks. Dave saw me struggling with my uber-light cuben luggage in AZ (beaten down with 3000 miles of TD 2012) and took pity on me. Although, slightly heavier than my ridiculous bags, his shit seems bombproof and sturdy. I have looked at others making bags for this kind of thing and the NSS bags are a no brainer. This set is made of some cuben hybrid fabric making them lighter than average. Dave is a real pro. I always thought my own bags were pretty sweet until i got these in my hands. Handmade, American…if you can’t do it yourself, Nuclear Sunrise is a close second.

Money Bike LTD. is alive. I’ve got a few more steel bike in the works. My shop in Vail is a little messy and is rented on party favors. Step II for Money Bikes is moving out of the shop here and making it mobile. Enter Toyota Chinook. Little efficient pop-top RV will be the new home of Money Bikes. Handbuilt bikes to your door. Picked it up on craigslist from a guy out of Whitefish. Turns out he works at the bike shop and knows Tour Divide well. The Chinook awaits my arrival at the end of the Tour Divide.

Velocity helped me out with a wheel build. I have a shot of setting up their P35 (or Blunts they’re called now) tubeless with a small amount of gorilla tape. Sweet wheels and the 35 mm rims same a ton of weight over the rabbit holes.

22 cycles of vail helped me out with the buildout. Turned out nicely.

Sorry about the hastienss of the post but need to get riding it I expect to make it to Silver City in a week. Toodles










New Framewelding4









IMG_0158IMG_0159IMG_0160IMG_0161IMG_0162IMG_0164photo (10)

photo (11)













photo (9)


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10 Responses to Tour Divide I

  1. Singlefin says:

    North bound again…good luck with the new frame. Looks rad!

  2. Nice looking scoot you got there pardner! Go $ go!

  3. Get on that Pony and ride!

  4. Gunnar Berg says:

    Good luck. Nice bike.

  5. gypsybytrade says:

    This shit is amazing. I love the new bike and the new mobile workshop. Thru-axle is the way to go. Have a good ride.

  6. mimbresman says:

    I was impressed seeing it in person today. Good luck! Yeehaw!

  7. Andrew Larson says:

    Hey man, I dont know if you remember me but I’m from Albert Lea as well. I’m good buds with Jason Gordon. Your old man was my math teacher. I’ve been following your blog for close to 2 years now, and just have to say that its entertaining as hell to read. It sure sounds like you live a damn interesting life. Keep it up pal. Good luck.

  8. zack says:

    she is hot!!

  9. Chip Andrus says:

    Antelope Wells to Rooseville: 2600 miles
    Time: 15 days 11 hours and 40 minutes
    Average miles per day: 168

    Nicely done, Cjell. Nicely done.

  10. dagodip says:

    Rad bike, best of luck!

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